Cheyenne Valley Settlers

Heritage Park Gazebo Project.

The Cheyenne Valley Settlers Heritage Society Inc. is proud to announce in coordination with the City of Hillsboro and Vernon County Wisconsin Tourism Committee, the planning, and development of a Round Barn Gazebo.  The gazebo will be a replica similar to round barns built in the early decades of the 1900s by Alga Shivers, son of Thomas Shivers an original Cheyenne Valley Settler.  The Shivers round barn replica will be constructed in the Cheyenne Valley Settlers Heritage Park at Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

The Cheyenne Valley Settlers Heritage Park, located in Hillsboro Wisconsin, is dedicated to the early settlers of multi-ethnic ancestry who migrated to Vernon  County during the time after the 

fugitive  slave  act  of 1850. 

The  State  of  Wisconsin  passed

"Personal Liberty Laws" to protect

the freedoms of people who at the

time lived in isolated communities

separated from other traditional 

Western  European  cultures. 

The  area  known  as Revels Valley

and  Cheyenne Valley  are  where

these  first settlers found freedom

from the persecutions of an early

American  slave  culture. 

The Cheyenne Valley Settlers Heritage Society Inc. was created in 2001 by descendants of early multi-ethnic settlers who continue to live in the area of their ancestors near Revels and Cheyenne Valley today. The Revels Valley and Cheyenne Valley settlement near Hillsboro Wisconsin, built their own grist mills, Free Methodist church, served in the Civil War in Wisconsin Volunteer Regiments, built their own integrated schools and along with their families who remained in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana, were of the earliest naturally integrated societies in America.   

Alga Shivers Round Barn

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