Cheyenne Valley Settlers

Heritage Park Gazebo Project.


Cheyenne Valley Settlers Heritage Park Gazebo

Location: Cheyenne Valley Settlers Heritage Park, located at Hillsboro, WI 

Project Details:
1) Gazebo Floor and Design:

A gazebo similar to those built by Cheyenne Valley Settler descendant Alga Shivers in the early 1900s.  Its floor extending 35 feet in diameter constructed of reinforced concrete, footings and foundation formed and constructed to prevent loss of integrity or settling as approved by the City of Hillsboro.

The structure of the gazebo will possibly be 25 feet in diameter designed and constructed after the gazebo floor is completed. The structure approved by the City of Hillsboro.  The gazebo will be ADA compliant above the highest elevation at ground level.  In the gazebo plans are a granite/bronze memorial with a 200-year time capsule vault. The footing foundation constructed to support the steel superstructure of the gazebo.



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