Detail showing Matomkin on the 1786 John Churchman map.                                    A Werowance of Virginia    

Descendants of Pre-Colonial Indians

who lived on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

A patrilineal Y-DNA Study confirms that men identified with Terminal SNP O-F3288 were among families of pre-colonial Indians.  Among them was a boy named by the Accomack court, James Revell born 1656, from Matomkin village on the Eastern Shore, Virginia.  His descendants participated in this study.


"A surname study such as this one benefits significantly from the use of Y chromosome DNA testing as men who descend biologically from a common patrilineal ancestor, traced from father to father, are easily identified through matching Y chromosome DNA test results." - Marie Rundquist

Discovery for Patrilineal Descendants of James Revell (Accomack)


By Marie A. Rundquist,

DNA Project Administrator November 2018 


The “Patrilineal Descendants of James Revell (Accomack) Y DNA Project”,

includes the Y chromosome DNA test results of three men, all living in the United States, who are, according to historical records and documented genealogies,

patrilineal descendants of James Revell born 1656,

an Accomack Indian from the Matomkin village on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.


Accomack County Book 3 Page 40 dated 25 Oct 1667. This day Mr. Edward Revell brought an Indian boy to ye court belonging to Matomkin to have his age judged and was by the court named "James Revell" and judged eleven years of age.

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Accomack County Book 3 Page 40 dated 24 Oct. 1667

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